Disposable Surgical Masks Medical Mask for Coronavirus

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Payment Terms:TT or LC

Min Order Qty:10000 pc

Supply Capability:1000000 pc/month

Product Description:

Disposable Surgical Masks Medical Mask for Coronavirus


Disposable product ,cannot be washed.Its advised to replace each time and better not continuously use for more than 4hours
Extremely soft,exclusive and comfortable
Prohibited to use by children under the age of three as their low pulmonary activity

Your hands may feel sore and tired by carrying a conventional umbrella and it is also not so convenient.The C- shaped handle specially designed alows you to hold the umbrella with your wrist, you can free your hands to do other things.
Its outer layer is black coating which can prevent ultraviolet strongly.Its inlayer is cooling nano-layer which can shut out light and isolate heat. It serves as double protection.
Double layer umbrella cloth, double deck protection, lotus leaf water repellent, dry when throwing.Buckle the umbrella with the back, tightly wrap the wet side inside,and leave the dry side to yourself.
With the carbon umbrella stand, it is much softer and more resilient and not easy to be broken.The umbrella cover is more stable with its stand supporting reversely. In the strong wind, the Reverse Umbrella will not be blown inside out. Instead, it will fold back.

Disposable Surgical Masks Medical Mask for Coronavirus