Ceiling suction pipe type ultra-thin KTD-18A/B/C/D/E/F

Loading Port:Ningbo

Payment Terms:TT or LC

Min Order Qty:1000 unit

Supply Capability:2000 unit/month

Product Description:

KTD18 Series ultrathin suction a top fan adopts penetration and carefully designed wind flow round circulation structure, with high speed motor, make the product strong ventilation, perfect.It is indispensable for modern residential ventilation products, one of the whole machine is made of high quality engineering ABS plastic product realization, beautiful appearance compact, ageing resistance, work ultra-low mute, power saving.Due to the product can effectively adjust the indoor air, control the heat, remove moisture, odors, dustiness, make indoor air clean and fresh, so the product could be more widely used in the bathroom, houses, companies, department stores, shops, chess and card room, restaurant, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, stations, hospitals, and other places.