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Detailed Product Description

Desktop cold pressure welding machine

1 welding copper wire or aluminum wire

2, weld Cu:0.70mm-4.5mm; Al: 0.7mm-6.0mm

SZ-3TR Desktop cold pressure welding machine / copper wire or aluminum wire welding equipment

1. Application: Widely used in the cold welding for the wire of copper, aluminum, gold, silver, nickel, and other non-ferrous metal wire/rod.

2. Range of the wire: Copper: 0.70mm-4.5mm

Aluminium: 0.70mm-6.0mm

3. Structure: Precise Moulding(spheroidal graphite cast iron QT-600-3

4. Advantage: 

No power, no heat, no electricity,  light,  easy to operate, welding just one minute. 

5. Overall dimensions: 300mm* 190mm × 290mm (L*W*H)

6. Material of mould: Integral casting/moulding

7.Weight: 34KG


SZ-3TR Desktop Cold pressure Welding Machine


Widely used in the cold welding for the wire of  copper, aluminum, gold, silver, nickel, Platinum, zinc, Tin, niobium tantalum and other non-ferrous metal wire/rod

Range of the wire

  Copper: 0.70mm-4.5mm

Aluminium: 0.70mm-6.0mm


 Precise Moulding(spheroidal graphite cast iron QT-600-3)


 No power, no change of the resistance, clean, light, thin deposit, easy of operation , portability,aloft working is available

Overall dimensions

  300mm*190mm*290mm (L*W*H)

Material of mould

    integral casting/moulding



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