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QF-838D(MA) Computer controll Auto-cement Toe Lasting Machinery sales

  1. This toe lasting machinery sales got a very well reputation at home and abroad, it adopts advantages and functions together with creation from Italy and Taiwan.

  2. The Toe Lasting machine.Toe lasting,side lasting and heel lasting don't have to cement before lasting, by doing so,not only save labor force, but cement well after passing the heating machine and assure a perfect shape.

  3. The machine is epuipped with cross projector assembly,which is convenient for correcting toe lasting and helps new comers to easily operate the machine

  4. Pressure operated independently, when press toe-part, it can stop pressing down forward in order to make the last perfect, which also can switch off the action of pressure, to adjust the time of cramping and the orientation time of the inside and outside last support plate, the movement of the wiper is also clear to be observed.

  5. Multiple stage attaching forming band together with lasting last can attach the upper without wrinkle to assure the shoe beautiful.

  6. The initiate auto-orientation microswith of the seat, change the traditional method of adjustment with the push of screw. It fits for shoes in different sizes, to achieve time –saving and labor-saving.

  7. The system of pincer press can adjust the pressure independently, which reduces the chances of the upper damaged because of the fast rising of the support plates.

  8. The adjusable function of support plate and the multiple stage transform of speed have special protection to leather and upper with high brittleness or short upper. In this way, the bursting of upper and mid-sole’s broken can be avoided.

  9. High low point adjustor of last support plate is installed outside, which makes the adjustment convenient. It also provides the digital instruction, the accident caused by old typed adjustable equipment also can be avoided.

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